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If you have been injured and are unable to properly perform your work, whether you are an employee or a contractor, you can make a claim against your superannuation TPD provisions.

Have you been injured and are unable to perform your work

If so, you might also be eligible to claim on your superannuation.


Your superannuation policy may include insurance which covers you for TPD (or Total and Permanent Disability).

Who can Apply

An eligible employee and contractor can make a claim provided that the TPD provisions exist in your superannuation policy.

What can be claimed

Provided you qualify, the following benefits can be claimed:

  1. Income protection
  2. Salary continuance
  3. Disability
  4. Death and/or
  5. Terminal illness

We listen

The process is quite cumbersome and confusing for many, but the lawyers at Sterling Legal have the experience and the skill set to maximise your claim.

Remember, the injury does not have to be work related (nor do you have to been an employee) and provided you are unable to work due to a medical injury, you may be able to make the TPD claim against your superannuation.

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