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This is a method of resolving disputes informally and documenting it in an agreement once terms are reached. The benefit of this is that you are not leaving it to a court to make the decision for you.


Negotiation has many advantages including:

  • the dispute is dealt with and resolved quickly
  • both parties are better off
  • you avoid having to go to court
  • significantly reduced costs
  • you have personal input into the outcome
  • less exposure, particularly to a decision made by a third party (for instance, a judge)
  • reduced stress and emotional turmoil associated with attending court or even giving evidence
  • you can end up with a result that you would not ordinarily achieve in court (for instance, a renewed/continued relationship in business arrangements for example or even an apology)
  • you choose the venue


Negotiation is not appropriate if:

  • a party is violent (or has threatened violence)
  • a party will not agree to negotiate or keep discussions private
  • you need a court order to force another party to desist from doing something
  • you or your family need to protection


Before an appointment with the lawyers at Sterling Legal, we request that you:

  • collect and bring to us all documents and information that can support your position
  • consider positions that you would accept as resolutions
  • consider your needs and the needs of your family
  • think about possible offers that you would be prepared to propose


If an agreement is reached, we strongly urge you to document it and have the other party sign it. If the matter is in court, certain documents need to be filed with the court to stop the case.

Our Lawyers

Although a negotiation can be handled by you, we encourage you to speak to our expert negotiators. Generally, what will flow is precise advice on a specific situation. For instance, negotiated agreements in family law must meet certain thresholds before they can be approved by a court. Therefore, specific advice must be provided to you in relation to this.

The lawyers at Sterling Legal have achieved considerable success in negotiating agreements for clients, whether with individuals, big business or government.

Tom Zreika is an accomplished negotiator, has a Masters of Law from UNSW (majoring in dispute resolution) and has completed the prestigious program on negotiation at Harvard University, Boston.

Tom has been appearing as a negotiator for over 20 years, whether in relation to court based disputes or business and property dealings.

He has notably acted as a negotiator for sports stars and even for one of the richest people on the planet - Marina Picasso, sole heiress and granddaughter to the famed artist, Pablo Picasso.