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The Sterling Legal approach to doing business is different to other law firms. Sterling Legal likens their operations to that of a property development firm - agile, timely and costs efficient.

Whether from a matter management or a client management perspective, they have you covered.

Matter Management

David v Goliath

Although Sterling Legal are ambitious and work extremely hard, they are not the biggest firm in town. In a way, that's good for clients (as fees are not exorbitantly high) but there is a perception that Sterling Legal can't handle larger or complex matters. As you can appreciate, this is completely untrue.

The lawyers at Sterling Legal have successfully worked on large complex cases and have appeared against the biggest and most sophisticated operators - and still won!

Notably, the Sterling Legal lawyers have advised and/or been involved in the following high profile cases:

  • Marina Picasso - granddaughter of the famed artist, Pablo Picasso (as mandate)
  • Westpac, in the case of the HIH collapse
  • ASIC v OneTel
  • Auburn City Council Inquiry
  • Oueik v Seven News
  • Oueik v Luke Foley
  • Many more...


Our extensive network within the profession and ready access to Australia's best minds, gives us a certain agility. That is, our size allows us to be flexible, yet nimble enough to construct the team required for any job, whether large or complex.

In fact, that adaptability allows them to respond to client needs more efficiently (and cost effectively), without losing momentum. Indeed, this agility helps Sterling Legal keep costs down but simultaneously apply their expertise across a wide gamut. This works well for clients (in that they receive expert, timely and cost-effective legal advice and representation) and for Sterling Legal in that it provides them with a distinct quality that allows them to respond rapidly to our clients needs.

This, we believe, is the secret to their success.

The Sterling Legal system focuses on:
  • A team approach, method of operation
  • Standardised procedures
  • Thorough knowledge in law
  • Extensive research
  • A strong set of precedents
  • Increased levels of communication
  • Cost effective litigation services

True Team Approach

The entire firm works together as a team.

To be recognized as a member of the Sterling Legal team, one must demonstrate that they have the training, competency, an understanding of the firm standards, the operation and the responsibilities involved.

Several key features of that team are:

  • The team is structured, they follow standard operations and meet to plan activities
  • The team members socialize with people in the industry of interest
  • Low staff turnover
  • Individual members see a strong career path Sterling Legal
  • Senior solicitors are part of a mentor wise program which allows junior members of the team to benefit from their skills and experience

Internal Management Procedures

Sterling Legal has established management policies and procedures to ensure that all aspects of your matters are properly managed from the beginning, and to allow the team to be aware of the status of the matter at all times.

Sterling Legal follows strict matter procedures with clear guidelines. All important dates are logged onto their software system, so that the legal professional assigned to your matter is constantly reminded of upcoming events, stages and deadlines.

The efficient operation in handling matters allows them to provide you with exceptional legal services in a timely manner. These procedures can be modified to meet your requirements and are used to assist with training new lawyers, paralegals and administrative staff.

Considerable cost savings are made as a result of this system, which Sterling Legal naturally passes on to you.


The firm has developed a strong bank of precedents tailored to your needs. These precedents mean that additional cost savings can be made in the time required to prepare documentation, appearances and settlements.

Commercial Litigation Success

Unfortunately not all transactions run smoothly or according to agreement.

Sterling Legal has achieved considerable success in this arena and although they aim to settle matters from the onset (to reduce exposure), when they are called upon to battle, they are at the ready to enforce your rights through the various Courts.

Sterling Legal will continually provide you with a running cost-benefit analysis and an assessment of prospects of success.

They are results driven and if they feel that your case will be unsuccessful, they we recommend that actions are not pursued in the courts - Sterling Legal is only as good as its last performance, and they don't want to hamper its record.


Their procedures encourage and facilitate open communication with you and a strong level of communication with the other parties.

The internet has made the world a smaller place and the lawyers at Sterling Legal are contactable 24/7, from anywhere in the world.

Current status reporting provides a brief overview of the current position of your matters, so that your or your staff will have round the clock access to this information via access to our internal network, email updates or even whats-app messaging.

Sterling Legal proposes regular review meetings be held with you at specified intervals to allow us to assess our relationship and make any necessary modifications to our service.

Relevantly, clients receive a response to simple correspondence within instantly - 1 day and complex advice within 3-7 days. If advice is given over the phone (verbal), then Sterling Legal undertakes to confirm the advice in writing by close of business on the next business day.

Client Liaison Partner

Sterling Legal make sure a partner of the firm (or senior lawyer), will be your client liaison officer.

They will be directly responsible for our relationship with you.

In-house Solicitor

As part of our commitment to clients, Sterling Legal will ensure that the partner your work or office every month (or as required) for ‘in-house solicitor’ purposes. It is envisaged that this will be a set time for staff to receive the necessary on the spot advice.


Clients will benefit from Sterling Legal technology.

This offers you:

  • Greater access to your designated lawyer
  • Increased levels of communication
  • Savings on copying expenses
  • Reduced delays in forwarding and receiving information

Still Not Convinced?

Here's 20 Reasons why you should choose Sterling Legal as your legal services provider

We Listen

The lawyers at Sterling Legal are veteran practitioners and have the skills (and experience) to sensitively and successful handle your case.

For more specific information, talk to the lawyers on 92237334.