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Stamp duty is an issue faced by all entities involved in property transactions. Our office provides advice on all areas of stamp duty law including:

  • The impact of stamp duty on the sale of a business;
  • Stamp duty structuring for business acquisitions and corporate restructuring;
  • Stamp duty issues related to trusts including the issue of resettlements;
  • Stamp duty issues related to landholder provisions (this affects companies and unit trusts);
  • Stamp duty issues related to mortgages, charges and other loan securities.

Besides providing stamp duty advice on the structuring of proposed transactions and business arrangements, our office also makes representations on behalf of our clients to the Office of State Revenue. This includes:

  • The making of applications seeking that a stamp duty exemption apply to a client’s situation (this includes asking the Commissioner of Stamp Duty;
  • Assisting clients in dealing with stamp duty audits and requests from the Office of State Revenue for information on certain transactions undertaken by clients; and
  • Representing clients in stamp duty disputes with the Office of State Revenue (this includes litigating such disputes through the courts and tribunals, and negotiating settlements of such disputes.