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Binding Financial Agreements (BFA), also popularly known as a ‘prenup’ is an agreement which itemises how a couple’s assets will be split if the relationship ends.

Sterling Legal strongly encourages parties to enter BFA’s before (even though it can be entered during) the marriage or commence living together in relation to a de facto relationship.

The agreement is binding (subject to complying with various steps, which we can advise on) and are useful in protecting assets.

Our experience shows that the following motivators were considered by clients in entering a BFA before they entered a new relationship:

  1. financial protection for children
  2. avoiding future court case
  3. preservation of assets in a family business
  4. protection of prospective inheritance or gift
  5. assets held by one party compared to the other
  6. greater income earned by one party
  7. one parties insolvency
  8. asset protection
  9. spousal maintenance

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