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The Australian Legal System places emphasis on private family law agreements as opposed to litigation.

Sterling legal can draft consent orders pertaining to asset division and custody arrangements.

Where an Agreement has been Reached

Where an agreement has been privately reached between parties, Sterling Legal will draft the agreement detailing the division of assets and the custody and care arrangements of children. Additionally, our Family Law experts will submit this agreement to the Court for orders by consent.

The Court’s Considerations

The Court must review consent orders and ensure they are just and equitable.

The Court does so by assessing each case on its merits, including:

  1. the financial circumstances and details of both parties;
  2. the interests of the children.

Approved Consent orders

Approved consent orders will be sent to both parties.

In the instance of a breach, court can impose several consequences.

We listen

The family lawyers at Sterling Legal are veteran practitioners and have the skills and experience to sensitively and successful handle your case.

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