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Since 2009, parties in a De Facto relationship had the protection of the Family Law Act, particularly in relation to property disputes between couples.

The court would however need to look into the following considerations to satisfy itself of the existence of such a relationship:

  1. length of time the parties lived together
  2. nature of contributions made by each of the parties

Regarding such relationships, the Act has detailed provisions dealing with:

  1. property settlement
  2. spousal maintenance
  3. binding financial agreements (or prenups)

The lawyers at Sterling Legal have over 20 years experience in Family Law and have dealt with the following issues relating to this area:

  1. Disputed relationships
  2. Ownership of assets
  3. Time limits to apply
  4. Applications out of time

Sometimes it is necessary for the court to make examination of the relationship particularly if the relationship is disputed by looking into the following:

  1. length of the relationship
  2. extent the parties went to share a residence
  3. existence of a sexual relationship
  4. ownership of property (and how, and by whom it was used, purchased or maintained)
  5. existence of children
  6. public appearance of the relationship

Sterling Legal are experts in the resolution of complex family law matters, and this is one such area. For more information, talk to the lawyers at our Community Law office today on 96497007.