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Whilst separation is often stressful for parents and children, effective parenting arrangements can often alleviate this stress.

Such arrangements involve shared responsibility among parents and other family members in a safe and loving environment.

Private Arrangements

Separation brings with it much turmoil. Children are offered more stability if parents can privately agree on parenting arrangements prior to attending Court. In this instance, Sterling Legal can assist you in developing a parenting plan or preparing consent orders for approval by a Court.

Family Dispute Resolution (FDR)

If a private agreement cannot be reached, the Family Law experts at Sterling Legal can arrange a Family Dispute Resolution (FDR).

FDR provides parents with an opportunity to reach an agreement regarding child custody. This is a more time and cost-efficient alternative to Court.

In cases where there has been a history of abuse and violence, FDR might not be suitable. Here, the experts at Sterling Legal will provide you with alternative options.

Relocation Arrangements

A parent must receive consent from the Court prior to relocating with the children. If a parent relocates with the children without consent, Sterling Legal will apply for a court order requesting the return of the children.

Child Support

If parents can come to an agreement in the early stages of negotiation or during FDR, the agreement may detail the child support terms.

Alternatively, Sterling Legal can make an application via the Department of Human Services’ Child Support Agency (CSA).

Kinship Care

Following the separation of parents, Sterling Legal can assist other family members in accessing their right to have a relationship with the child.

Other Matters:

  1. Alteration to existing consent orders
  2. Paternity disputes
  3. Change of name applications
  4. Travel arrangements
  5. Placing children on Watch Lists
  6. Same sex parenting disputes

We Listen

The lawyers at Sterling Legal listen with compassion and communicate with skill, so if you are having a parenting dispute, talk to the lawyers at our Community Law office today on 96497007.