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At Sterling Legal, we have expert negotiators on hand to assist in resolving disputes. More to the point, we say that the only people that benefit from parties in dispute is the legal profession.

So, we will always encourage you to resolve your differences outside of court.

Legal costs across the board are horrendously expensive and Sterling Legal finds that the most effective outcomes for families are those that come about from negotiated settlements. Incidentally, and on this note, professional costs in Australia are expensive because highly educated and continually trained personnel are rare and therefore in high demand. This ultimately pushes up prices across the profession. Although Sterling Legal insists on employing and training only the best people, we are not only very costs conscious but costs competitive.

Settlement helps you reach an efficient resolution to the issues. It provides you with greater control and say in the outcome of your case but also reduces the risk of adverse orders made by a court.

Consequently, early settlement conferences between parties and their lawyers outside of court are becoming popular especially to avoid the stress, time thrown away and expense of continued and bitter legal fights. It however requires ‘good faith’ co-operation between not only the parties but also the practitioners.

From the onset and upon receiving instructions from you, we will propose a ‘round-table’ settlement conference. If you approve this angle of attack, we set out to arrange a conference between you and your former spouse, their representatives as well as other appropriately qualified experts (like family accountants in property disputes or family dispute resolution professionals in parenting disputes). For more complex and elaborate matters (especially in property matters), we have involved former judges as mediators.

Given the privacy restrictions imposed on parties in a settlement conference, we find matters of concern or relevance to the issues in dispute can be discussed freely and openly. This results in frank discussions which assist normally combative parties in airing their grievances in a supportive environment. We find that this more often than not, leads to agreements being reached.

Upon agreement, Sterling Legal will prepare the necessary documents and forms for the parties to sign and lodge with court.

We listen

The family lawyers at Sterling Legal are veteran practitioners and have the skills, experience and most importantly the dispute resolution training to facilitate out of court settlements.

For more information, talk to the lawyers at our Community Law office today on 96497007.