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Imagine that you are the homeowner of a property. Imagine also that the State Government wishes to build a major infrastructure project through your neighbourhood (and more relevantly, through your property) but the only thing standing in the way is your property.

Well, the State Government (or its authority) can forcibly purchase your property from you.

Unfortunately, this governmental right is enshrined in the constitution, but you have rights as the owner (or tenant).

Owners (and tenants) who are the subject of such acquisition proposals (or property acquisition notices, PON’s) are entitled to compensation.

The law states that the authority that issued the PON must consider 5 elements before making the compensation offer:

  • market value of the property
  • value of the property before and after PON
  • compensation for the heartache suffered because of your forced relocation
  • expenses borne by the owner in having to move
  • professional expenses

The lawyers at Sterling Legal have had substantial dealings in such cases and have had enormous success in negotiating terms favourable to landowners.

Our experience acting for developers has put ahead of the pack, particularly when dealing with government authorities.

If you are currently the subject of a PON, contact Sterling Legal today. We will:

  • guide you through the process
  • act for you in contesting the authority’s proposed compensation value
  • assist you in obtaining an expert valuation to support your challenge (especially if your property has some inherent value or potential)
  • assist you with obtaining documentary evidence regarding your claim for expenses
  • maximise your compensation

Don’t wait until its too late.

Act now.

We listen

The lawyers at Sterling Legal are veteran practitioners and have the skills and experience to sensitively and successful handle your case.

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