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The new laws, which were designed to overhaul the residential building industry (following the findings of the Shergold & Weir Building Confidence Report) obligates residential construction designers, builders and engineers, with any array of new responsibilities.

Some important features include :

  • Practitioners now owe residential owners (including subsequent owners) a duty of care to avoid economic loss - incredibly, this obligation (which can’t be contracted out of or delegated) applies retrospectively
  • Practitioners must maintain records for 10 years
  • Practitioners must maintain professional indemnity insurance for all work
  • All designs must be lodged on the NSW Planning Portal
  • Practitioners must certify that all work meets relevant standards including the Building Code of Australia
  • Practitioners must apply and be registered on a public register - Service NSW

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Compliance is mandatory, and breaching the new regime attracts heavy penalties.

We can help you get compliant.