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Family Lawyers

  • What family lawyers cover
  • Why we have family lawyers
  • Can family lawyers help you

Australia is home to over 70,000 registered lawyers. Family law is divided into different categories. Family law covers things such as marriage, divorce, child support, adoption, and civil unions.

Family lawyers protect the unity of the family structure by assisting with settlements in and outside of court.

A Family Attorney will encourage you with regards to their assessment concerning where you stand while applying the material Family Law to your specific circumstance. Outcomes of cases are not guaranteed. They can only give you advice based on the context relative to the law and your issue.

Many households are usually unaware of their significance and function of a Family lawyer. You may be unsure if you need one. Below we will list why you need a family lawyer.

Do I need a family lawyer?

Reasons you may need a family lawyer

  • Marriage
  • Defacto-Relationship
  • Divorce
  • Child custody
  • Adoption
  • Planning Wills


A lawyer also comes in handy while preparing a prenup agreement prior marriage. If your spouse and yourself are bringing to the marriage pre-owned assets, then it's essential to draft a prenup agreement.

The lawyer will guide you through the legal prerequisites for marriage. A family law attorney will also assist you in navigating the issues associated with marriage and advise you in your legal responsibilities and rights.


The definition of de facto-relationship can be found in the Family Law Act of 1975. It is in section 4AA. A marriage or blood relation is not considered de facto. The law deals with children in the context of de facto the same way they deal with married couples.

If your concerns relate to de facto-relationship, you should consult a family lawyer.


The lawyer should advise you on the best legal strategy. Problems mostly arise in splitting land and working out land ownership, child custody, and alimony. A great way to maintain a handle on the situation is have a family lawyer communicate your demands and negotiate the conditions for your benefit.

Based upon the strength of your case. Even without a prenup, you have a Domestic conflict or negligence, each party is entitled to legal rights and liabilities. Divorce cases are proven to spiral out of control and lead to civil lawsuits which drain resources and time.

Child Custody

Family lawyers can help with child custody. Child custody battles often happen after divorce. This doesn’t occur from divorce. You can have battles with other members of your family or against child services.

Often you will need to prove you are qualified to secure your children. If you are wrongly accused, you best consult a family lawyer.


Preparing child adoption can be difficult. Child adoption is legally demanding. Without proper legal action, the child adoption process can fail. You will need to prove you are able to provide secure care for those you are to adopt.

A lawyer will help you with the appropriate paperwork. You may also need a lawyer to contend any disputes you may have with the guardian.

Planning Wills

Often when some passes, an improper will leads to fierce battles of litigation. It is in your best interest to hire a lawyer to protect your family's unity. Lawyers can also be used to claim more favorable outcomes if proper planning has not taken place.